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NOISIS S.A. was established in 1998 with the purpose of providing specialized consulting services to companies and organizations in the Private and Public Sector.

Today, Noisis has a network of offices situated in Athens, Thessaloniki and Western Macedonia and holds a leading position in the Consulting Services sector, based on its clientele and approved investment project.

With knowledge, expertise and executives experience being a few of our valuable assets, we fully meet our customers' expectations, in utter respect of their particular demands. We assess and measure our performance through the fulfillment of our customers' objectives.

We illuminate the path of development, by evaluating on your behalf, the appropriate financial tools, while selecting those that consistently serve your investment projects.

Responsibly By Your Side

The services provided by Noisis Development Consultants S.A. cover the entire range of business solutions, with a particular emphasis in the sectors of Financing and Investment Project Management, Strategic and Business Plans, Business Organization, as well as providing services to the Public Sector.

NOISIS S.A. has extensive experience and expertise in placing investments  in Development Law, having successfully manage a significant number of proposals in the fields of manufacturing, Logistics, hotel business, renewable energy, production software, broadband infrastructure, etc. contributing significantly to the rise of business in Greek territory

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Hotel beds


Mw Renewable Energy Sources


m² Industry & Logistics

Business Growth

The company’s commitment to quality and customer needs satisfaction, the growing business confidence in its services and the corresponding expansion of its clientele, have contributed to the growth of the company, in the field of consultancy.


Human Resources

Our People

The “investment” in human capital, is a basic component of NOISIS S.A. philosophy, and a basic condition for a successful operation and company growth.  The significant personnel increase during the past 5 years is indicative of the company’s development, and its direct response to the new market conditions and to the new, specialized customer business needs. 

Personnel Evolution

People at NOISIS S.A. are distinguished for their dedication, their professionalism, their absolute respect to customers' needs, their scientific competence and know-how. It should be noted that NOISIS BUSINESS STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS S.A., alongside the permanent scientific staff it employs, also cooperates with a number of business associates and experts on a permanent basis. The ability to provide services on a wide range of subject matters is thus guaranteed and any specific needs and requirements of individual projects / studies under way are outweighed.Finally, NOISIS is certified for all services provided, according to the internationally recognized quality standard EN ISO 9001: 2008

Work with us...

Grants-Calls for Proposals

New Development Law

The draft law of the Ministry of Development and Investment entitled "Development Law - Greece Strong Growth" has been put to public consultation, which will define the conditions for inclusion as well as the framework for establishing schemes for state aid granting. This framework, together with the Regional Aid Map, will be finalized and implemented at the beginning of the new year, with the introduction of thirteen new aid schemes that will allow the business community to design, develop and implement its initiatives with significant and modern forms of investments in all sectors of the Greek economy. In addition, in combination with the new Regional Aid Map, an aid rate of up to 75% is provided.

New Programming Period 2021-2027

The new NSRF 2021 - 2027 with a total budget of € 26.7 billion, is co-financed by the ERDF, ESF, Cohesion Fund, the EAFRD and EMFF. Its objectives are to strengthen the competitiveness and extroversion of enterprises, the development and utilization of human resources, the protection of the environment, the modernization and completion of access infrastructures, the improvement of the institutional adequacy and the efficiency of the public administration and the local self-government as well as the design of integrated programs that meet the real needs of the economy and society. The immediate implementation of the first actions of the new programming period is expected to begin.

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Development Law

Aids are expected at a rate of up to 75%, based on the Regional Aid Map through the schemes of the New Development Law - Greece Strong Growth, which is expected to be activated in January 2022. The sectors of Tourism, Manufacturing and Provision of Services are aided as well as some Commercial activities under conditions.

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NSRF 2021-2027

New NSRF 2021 - 2027 Grant Programs are expected to be announced in the begining of the new year, according to the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism. These programs are formed in order to grant existing SMEs as well as new businesses in all sectors of the Greek economy with percentages as high as 50%.

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Agricultural Programs

Subsidy opportunities through new Agricultural Programs which support businesses in the primary sector and the sector of food and agricultural products processing . Programms that are expected will aid already existing as well as new businesses in the Greek Agri-Food industry, a priority sector of the economy.

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19 Meandrou st., Ilisia
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15 Kanellopoulou st., Kifisia
Tel: (+30) 2310 455299 
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Email: info@noisis.gr 


West Macedonia

38 Ath. Diakou st. , Kastoria
Tel: (+30) 24670 22906 
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Email: infokastoria@noisis.gr 


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