• Project: TRAWBOR «Trade without borders for businesses in the cross Greece - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
  • Purpose: The project involves the development of cooperation between the participating institutions for the collection and automation of data and information collection and export them to a user, which will serve as a tool providing export advice and guidance. Moreover, we develop targeted educational material export strategies will be used to conduct training seminars and the development of lifelong education programs (e-lectures) for continuous education of exporting firms.
  • Objectives: 
    • The training and providing tools to businesses and extroverted training manpower.
    • The education and training business executives business export export practices and policies using the manual export.
    • Improved export potential of firms in the cross Greece - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and promote the competitiveness and openness of the area.
  • Funding: IPA Cross-Border Programme Greece-former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2007-2013
  • Company Scheme: The partnership of the project consists of the Exporters' Association of Northern Greece - seve (Lead Partner), the EntrepreneurialInformationCenterfortheDevelopmentofSMEintheCrossBorderRegion, Bitola (IPAFLP), and by the TEI.